president’s message

president’s message

The Hong Kong Institution of Engineering Surveyors was established in 1996 and it is stepping on its way to the 21st year.  It is my great pleasure to be a President of the Institute since 2012 and celebrated the 20th Year Anniversary together.

The vision and mission of The Hong Kong Institution of Engineering Surveyors is to improve the quality and level of members in the surveying industry.  Furthermore, it is to unite members of construction and surveying to encourage and co-operate each other to contribute our surveying skill on construction industry in Hong Kong.  In this circumstances, our Institute arranges Continuing Professional Development Courses “CPD” concerning surveying, constructions and safety etc. for our members from time to time.  We also organize academic exchange tour to visit different surveying originations, institutions and companies.  I am glad to know that our members can enhance and update their knowledge through these activities.

The achievements of our Institute are mainly relying on the contributions and efforts of our members, previous Presidents, Chairmen and Council Members.  Their joint efforts let our Institute became a member of the International Federation of Surveyor (FIG) in 2006.  Our Institute has also achieved a Direct Progression Arrangement Membership with The Royal Institution of Charted Surveyors (RICS) in 2016, which arouse the attention from the society especially the people in our Surveying field.

Foreseeing the future, we will continue to place efforts on every aspect to improve the status of our institute as well as our members.  We hope that we can co-operate with other institutes to step forward in our industry and to make contributions to Hong Kong as a whole.


Simon Lai

May, 2017