In 1991, there was a number of engineering surveyors who had been deeply involved in the majority of civil engineering projects, recognized that their rights were neglected by the local existing professional bodies even if the infrastructure work was thriving then. Later in March 1993, some veteran engineering surveyors considered that there was a need of an institution to affirm their standard and social status in Hong Kong. In the light of the collaboration of the surveyors working in the engineering industry, the Hong Kong Institution of Engineering Surveyors was founded in 1996.

The principal objective of the institution is to promote and advance the professional status of the engineering surveyors. In order to enhance the continuing professional development of the members, the institution strives to organize and sponsor functions, seminars and activities in connection with the civil engineering industry.

Having joint-handed with counterparts, especially with The Department of Geo-Informatics of The Hong Kong Polytechnic University, the institution has successfully published bilingual journals and, its members are spurred to pursuit advanced education.

  • The institution consists of the following sub-committees:

1. Membership Committee

2. Education Committee

3. Examination Committee

4. Discipline Committee

5. Continue Professional Development Committee

6. Function Committee

7. Computer Support Committee

8. Marketing Committee

9. Editorial Board


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